Iphigenia Mastrogianni  The Most Precious Dream

young reader | 9+
ISBN: 978-960-594-042-3 • Price: 10,00€ [VAT is not included] • 14x21 cm. • Pages: 160

Iphigenia Mastrogianni The Most Precious Dream

The book | Dioklis and Nikias live happily in their little homeland where they share dreams and games. Suddenly the shadow of war spreads everywhere and their lives change. Far from home they will live their own odyssey, knowing the cruelty of people who are lost in the storm of destruction. But they will always keep in their heart the most precious dream, the dream of a life without war…

The story of two boys in Ancient Greece who dreamed a life without war and fought for a better world.

The author | Iphigenia Mastrogianni studied Greek language and literature at Athens University. She has had short stories and articles on educational subjects published
in newspapers and magazines. In 1997 her volume of collected poems entitled «The Temple of Summer» won the Ipektsi first prize, while her book for both children and adults, «The Tale with Forgotten Words» was included in the White Ravens list.Her novels for young people are distinguished by their high standard of writing, the wealth of messages they hold for the reader and their concern with social problems.