Maria Andrikopoulou Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first governor, on the island of Aegina

Maria Andrikopoulou   Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first governor, on the island of Aegina  

young reader | 9+
ISBN: 978-960-594-079-0 • Price: 10,00€  • 13x18 cm. • Pages: 10

Illustrated by Filippos Fotiadis

The book | In January 1828 the people of Aegina, full of enthusiasm and hope, welcomed the first governor and great politician of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias. He remained there approximately for two years working tirelessly for the future of our Nation.

His immense efforts bore fruit and the misery of the people found refuge in his face. The narrative is in first person because the author wanted to make this story more vivid via the voice and thoughts of Kapodistrias.

The author | Maria Andrikopoulou was born in Athens and for many years has held administrative posts in tertiary education. She read classical literature at university and holds a postgraduate degree in cultural policy, administration and communications. She is a member of the Women’s Literary Society. She has had articles on ancient drama published in «Topos Epikoinos» the periodical of the Panteios University’s Centre for Drama and Spectacle. «Myths Set to Music» is her fiſt h book for children, joining «The Birthday Party» (2008), «The Little Blue Fish»(2008), «Paschali’s Easter» (2010) and «An Easter Love Story» (2010) already in circulation. Illustrated by Nicolas Andricopoulos Well-known and less familiar myths of ancient Greece meet up with music! In a book for children that approaches Greek mythology in a charming and humorous way, ten lovely and completely authentic myths are enhanced with a wealth of music, entertaining games and activities for young people. Woven into this string of fascinating myths as it unwinds, there is a precious unifying thread: music. Every narrative is rounded off with brief notes giving additional information about the mythical creatures, heroes and gods fashioned from the imagination and the rich traditions of the ancient Greeks. The book also contains a selective bibliography intended for parents and educators.

Filippos Fotiadis studied Architecture and Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design and the Harvard Graduate School of Design.
Along with architecture, he is engaged in painting and illustrates children’s books.