Christos Boulotis The boastful rooster who wanted to rule the world

The boastful rooster who wanted to rule the world

Christos Boulotis    The boastful rooster who wanted to rule the world

picture book | 4+
ISBN: 978-960-594-111-6 • Price: 16,50€  • 26×27.5 cm. • Pages: 40

The boastful rooster who wanted to rule the world
Illustrated by Aimilia Kontaiou

The book | Once every cloudless night, the foolish, boasting rooster would climb out of his hencoop to the roof and start pecking at the clear sky, stealing the brightest stars. When he decided to rule the world, the sky was almost left starless...

This wonderful story, written by the award-winning children's author Christos Boulotis, showcases the value of moderation, self-awareness and humility in our world. The book also contains short exercises for the young readers.

The author | Christos Boulotis was born at Myrina on the island of Limnos. He is an archaeologist and a member of the Athens Academy. Having previously taught at the Ionian University he now teaches both in the postgraduate programs of the University of Athens and the School of Fine Arts. He has conducted excavations on the islands of Crete, Limnos and Santorini and in Peloponese. Since 1987 he has been a prolific author of children’s books, with more than seventy titles published. His first published work, «The Strange Love of the White Horse and the Poplar Tree» was awarded the Pier Paolo Vergerio prize in 1989. «The Water-Melon Thief» and «The Statue Who Was Always Cold» won the annual prize awarded by the Greek Section of IBBY in 2003 and 2000 respectively.

Aimilia Kontaiou was born in 1984 in Athens. She graduated from “AKTO” in the field of cartoons. She has illustrated more than forty books and participated in exhibitions. In 2013, her illustration was included in the Calendar of the International Library of Munich (Arche Kinder Kalender 2013, Internationale Jugendbibliothek, Muenchen).