Iphigenia Mastrogianni The poet and the seal of freedom

Iphigenia Mastrogianni   The poet and the seal of freedom 

young reader | 9+
ISBN: 978-960-594-077-5 • Price: 9,50€  • 13x18 cm. • Pages: 112

Iphigenia Mastrogianni The poet and the seal of freedom
Illustrated by Filippos Fotiadis

The book | The book is referred to a great poet, Kostas Krystallis. The hero, Odysseus, is a boy of nowadays who discovers the seal of freedom through an oral story. This story is short but refers to the emotions of the poet and his dream to escape slavery and return to his birthplace.

A literary book with high meanings that deals with the poet who praised freedom. Even though he died young, he left significant work for future generations.

The author | Iphigenia Mastrogianni studied Greek language and literature at Athens University. She has had short stories and articles on educational subjects published
in newspapers and magazines. In 1997 her volume of collected poems entitled «The Temple of Summer» won the Ipektsi first prize, while her book for both children and adults, «The Tale with Forgotten Words» was included in the White Ravens list.Her novels for young people are distinguished by their high standard of writing, the wealth of messages they hold for the reader and their concern with social problems.

Filippos Fotiadis studied Architecture and Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design and the Harvard Graduate School of Design.
Along with architecture, he is engaged in painting and illustrates children’s books.