Myrsini Lenoudia – A Strange Heart

Myrsini Lenoudia 
A Strange Heart

Picture book | 6+
ISBN: 978-960-594-094-2 • Price: 16,00€  • 26,5×28,5 cm. • Pages: 44

The book | A small, tender story that reads like a fairy tale, about the creation of the world. When the Darkness touched its heart and its Great Secret became boiling hot and rushed out of it. When Life began its journey through Time. The pictorial "story within a story" gently and effortlessly leads the child to creative thinking and experiential knowledge. Through the inventive illustration, the little reader becomes part the book and enjoys being a traveler in the universe and witnessing the evolution of the world.

A Strange Heart Cover
Illustrated by Lila Kalogeri

Books that talk about the creation of the world are usually books of knowledge, books of science or books of religion and theology. This is a book of empathy, it stimulates our psyche to seek knowledge. A unique «road movie», a storyline where the mystery of life plays the leading role.


The authors |Myrsini Lenoudia lives and works as a theater teacher in Rhodes. She has studied Education and Theater. She has worked in public and private education, as well as in schools of the Greek diaspora. She is a public speaker at seminars and conferences concerning theater in education and creative writing in Greece and abroad. Since 1988, she has been writing books for children.

Lila Kalogeri | studied 3D animation, graduating from UCE in Birmingham in 2002 with an MA in Visual Communication. Since then she has been working as an illustrator in the field of publishing and children's books in Greece and abroad. Her work has been commended at the EBGE Awards.