Eleni Tsaldiri – The Garden of Asclepius

Eleni Tsaldiri 
The Garden of Asclepius

Picture book | 6+
ISBN: 978-960-594-091-1 • Price: 19,00€  • 23×33 cm. • Pages: 72

The book | When Daphne’s family and twin brothers move to an old mansion, they discover a garden, full of tall plants and colorful wild flowers. In the children’s eyes, however, it is not a garden but a “jungle” waiting to be explored. Soon, the three explorers discover an underground path that leads them to a great adventure. Accompanied by a spring fairy, they step into the realm of nature with one goal: to invite all the creatures of the earth to a feast of senses and a celebration of the rebirth of life itself.

The Garden of Asclepius Cover
Illustrated by Eleni Tsaldiri

The Garden of Asclepius by Eleni Tsaldiri is a garden of knowledge and enrichment, of mental upliftment and emotional closeness to nature, of rearranging our time and priorities, of developing a new relationship with the nature around them, for the children.




The author | Eleni Tsaldiri studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, in the historical workshop of the Futurist Emilio Vedova. Her studies continued at the 2nd Engraving Workshop of ASFA in Athens and at the Graphic Arts Workshop "The Art of the Book". Her constant search for writing in relation to the illustration of books aimed at children lead her, in 2008, to England, at the Cambridge School of Arts, as part of a postgraduate program, with the help of the Greek State Scholarship Foundation. Since 1997 she has been working as an art teacher in primary education and in creative workshops. Since 2010 she has been present in the writing field as a creator of visual series and books for children.