Maya Delivoria School for super heroes

School for super heroes


Maya Delivoria 
School for super heroes

picture book | 6+
ISBN: 978-960-594-089-8 • Price: 14,00€  • 21,5×29,5 cm. • Pages: 48

School for super heroes
Illustrated by Lila Kalogeri

The book | They have skills such as deactivating the mobile phones of their parents in order to spend more time with them, becoming invisible for the sake of others, being able to “refuse”, making up broken friendships, loving animals and so many other skills.

This school was set up for children from all over the world, who are determined to become the future super heroes.

The authors | Maya Delivoria  was born in Athens where she studied journalism and drama. She took her Master’s in drama and she studied music and piano. She works as a teacher in Primary and Secondary Education. She has been awarded with three state awards for her plays for children.

Lila Kalogeri is a freelance illustrator, comic artist and painter based in Crete, Greece. She graduated from the UCE, Birmingham with an MA in Visual Communication. She currently works for book publishers, magazines and ad agencies, and has been commissioned for various painting projects. Her work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her work is mostly computer generated, but she also enjoys working with traditional media.