Maya Delivoria The magical library of Iskabur

Maya Delivoria The magical library of Iskabur

young reader | 8+
ISBN: 978-960-594-031-7 ISBN: 978-960-219-288-7 • Price: 7,00€ [VAT is not included] • 14x21 cm. • Pages: 72

Maya Delivoria The magical library of Iskabur
Illustrated by Myrto Delivoria

The book | The magical library of Iskabur is not a common library due to the fact that strange things happen which affect the life of its visitors. Two classmates will live their own unique adventure in this library by exploring its secrets and discovering seven keys that will unlock all the doors of their thought in a fascinating way.

Enjoy this fantastic adventure and find the seven keys ...

The author | Maya Delivoria was born in Athens where she studied journalism and drama. She took her Master’s in drama and she studied music and piano. She works as a teacher in Primary and Secondary Education. She has been awarded with three state awards for her plays for children.

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