Marianna Koumarianou The dragon that knitted words

The dragon that knitted words

Marianna Koumarianou   The dragon that knitted words

picture book | 6+
ISBN: 978-960-594-105-5 • Price: 16,00€  • 23×33 cm. • Pages: 40

The dragon that knitted words
Illustrated by Renia Metallinou

The book | Once upon a time lived a dragon who enjoyed knitting words and scattering them into the river. He would send people words that quenched their thirst, words of gratitude, words that filled their hearts with love.

The author, through the story and its symbolisms, unravels the mystery of fairy tales, legends and local traditions.

The author | Marianna Koumarianou was born in Cardiff, Whales (1980) and lives in Athens. She works as an educator and writes articles and book reviews in both printed and digital magazines. She is also a poet and a children’s storyteller, winner of the 2014 Debut Writer Award of the Greek Section of IBBY.

Renia Metallinou was born and brought up in Corfu. She studied graphic arts and worked for a variety of magazines and newspapers. She has participated in many local and foreign exhibitions. Since 2015 she has been exclusively involved in illustration for children’s books in Greece and abroad. She is a member of IBBY and was selected for the World Illustration awards for children in 2017.