Kostas Theocharis – The Acrobats

Kostas Theocharis 
The Acrobats

picture book | 4+
ISBN: 978-960-594-092-8 • Price: 16,00€  • 27×29,5 cm. • Pages: 48

The book | A unique book about life for all ages. Through the purity of its metered verses, all that constitutes the course of man emerges with an almost childlike simplicity and stoic wisdom: Joy, the eternal right to imagination, the determination to achieve goals, failure, fear, balance, security, faith, the power of friendship, freedom and happiness. The reader can browse the attractive geometric volumes, figures and shapes like an inspiring table book. A gift-guide for life to loved ones, but most of all, a book of teaching, acceptance and reward.

Akrovates Cover
Illustrated by Kostas Theocharis

A journey through the space of movement, emotions and values. A route full of colors and aromas. A book about children who grow up and for adults who always think like children.




The author | Kostas Theocharis is an illustrator, designer, artist and typographer. His work covers a wide range of applications, focusing on imaging and its performance. He has collaborated with many publishing houses, creative agencies, companies and participated in personal and collective artistic projects for which he has received several awards.