Evi Gerokosta The cage with dreams

Evi Gerokosta The cage with dreams

Evi Gerokosta  The cage with dreams

picture book | 4+
ISBN: 978-960-594-038-6 • Price: 13,15€ [VAT is not included] • 21x29 cm. • Pages: 40

Evi Gerokosta The cage with dreams
illustrated by Aimilia Kontaiou

The book | Where do the children keep their dreams so as not to be taken away? Naturally in a cage with bars made of cinnamon and vanilla canes. This specific cage does not have a key because dreams like our desires and truths cannot be imprisoned.

Α beautiful story for all those who continue to dream freely with the heart of a child.

The author | Evi Gerokosta was born in Athens. She studied French literature at the University of Athens and translation at the French Institute. She is involved in translation, theatre and music. She has been narrating tales since 2003 at schools and festivals. She has been awarded by IBBY.

Aimilia Kontaiou was born in 1984 in Athens. She graduated from “AKTO” in the field of cartoons. She has illustrated more than forty books and participated in exhibitions. In 2013, her illustration was included in the Calendar of the International Library of Munich (Arche Kinder Kalender 2013, Internationale Jugendbibliothek, Muenchen).