Eleni Priovolou The Tender Thorn

Eleni Priovolou The Tender Thorn

picture book | 6+

Eleni Priovolou The Tender Thorn
Illustrated by Katerina Veroutsou

The book | An outstanding story about psychological and physical violence but also about the meanings of friendship, co-existence and love. A book both parents and children have loved.

The author | Eleni Priovolou comes from Angelokastro in western Greece, where she spent her childhood years. She studied sociology at the Panteios University in Athens, the city where she now lives. She has written not only books for adults but a substantial number of works for children and young people, including plays and fairytales. She also wrote the script for the children’s television series «The Caravel of the Heavens», broadcast on Greek National Channel 2. In 2009 her book «The Signal» won the magazine «Diavazo»’s prize for books for older children, while in 2010 her novel «The Way I Wanted to Live» won the Readers’ Prize. Her book for young people «Together» was a candidate for the 2013 State Prize for Novels for Young People as well as for the 2014 Public prize.

Clothed in the beauty of fairy-tale narration, Eleni Priovolou’s powerful language disarms and moves the reader.

ISBN: 978-960-219-270-2 • Price: 13,15€ • 22x31 cm. • Pages: 32