Eleni Gika Araseli’s Melodies

Eleni Gika Araseli’s Melodies

picture book | 6+

Eleni Gika Araseli’s Melodies
Illustrated by Sandra Eleſtheriou

The book | An allegorical tale about the magic of life and its quests that emphasizes the uniquely personal nature of feelings and dreams.

Skilfully blending prose with poetry, the author employs the broad range of her style to reveal the poetic essence of folk tales while emphasizing the importance of accepting uniqueness, the core of every human existence.

A story about music, about life itself, with all its journeys and adventures. A never-ending quest that all of us go on to discover where we belong and what our lives are destined for.

ISBN: 978-960-594-001-0 • Price: 13,21€ • 21x29 cm. • Pages: 32

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