Marivita Grammatikaki Delf the elf

Marivita Grammatikaki  Delf the elf

Marivita Grammatikaki   Delf the elf 

picture book | 6+
ISBN: : 978-960-594-064-5 • Price:14,00€ [VAT is not included] • 21x29 cm. • Pages: 40

Marivita Grammatikaki Delf the elf
Illustrated by Renia Metallinou

The book | Is an elf’s life truly wonderful, full of magic and candies, while traveling with Santa Claus’ sleigh?
If you want to find out, read Delf’s story, who works in Santa Claus’ toy factory in the Christmas Forest.

A beautiful story about the true meaning of Christmas!

The author | Marivita Grammatikaki was born in Chania on the island of Crete. She won a scholarship to study the viola at the Athens Conservatory and has worked with the orchestras of both the Greek Third Programme and the National Opera. In parallel with her musical career she has researched and written scripts for children’s television programmes and has written several tales for young readers, amongst them «The Magic Violin», which was staged at the National Opera as a musical for children with great success in May 2011. In 2010 she set up a folk tale workshop focussing on personal experiences, where she teaches both primary school children and their teachers the arts of folk tales and music as means of therapy, communication and developing creativity.

Renia Metallinou was born and brought up in Corfu. She studied graphic arts and worked for a variety of magazines and newspapers. She has participated in many local and foreign exhibitions. Since 2015 she has been exclusively involved in illustration for children’s books in Greece and abroad. She is a member of IBBY and was selected for the World Illustration awards for children in 2017.