Marivita Grammatikaki Τhe Blue Shell

Marivita Grammatikaki Τhe Blue Shell

picture book | 6+ 

Marivita Grammatikaki Τhe Blue Shell
Illustrated by Katerina Veroutsou with music by Giorgos Peristeris

The book | Trisevyeni’s journey along the road of joys and sorrows leads fi nally to a world of freedom. A tale rich in symbolism and moral messages, set off splendidly by Katerina Veroutsou’s illustrations.

The author | Marivita Grammatikaki was born in Chania on the island of Crete. She won a scholarship to study the viola at the Athens Conservatory and has worked with the orchestras of both the Greek Third Programme and the National Opera. In parallel with her musical career she has researched and written scripts for children’s television programmes and has written several tales for young readers, amongst them «The Magic Violin», which was staged at the National Opera as a musical for children with great success in May 2011. In 2010 she set up a folk tale workshop focussing on personal experiences, where she teaches both primary school children and their teachers the arts of folk tales and music as means of therapy, communication and developing creativity.


In «Τhe Blue Shell» by Marivita Grammatikaki we stumble unexpectedly into delightful worlds of the imagination where nature is ruled over by noble lords and ladies. Trisevyeni, the book’s heroine, has been blessed with three virtues worth their weight in gold: kind-heartedness, generosity and patience. And with them she wins the battle over those powers that try to deny her all life’s joys.

The lovely word pictures created by the author give the illustrator the opportunity to paint dreamlike images that enchant the reader. Through these pictures this book can also well be read to children of pre-school age.

Katerina Veroutsou is a professional illustrator currently working in Greece, and has publishedover 65 titles in children’s picture books, fiction and nonfiction, for prominent publishinghouses in Greece। She has studied Fine Arts at the Concordia University of Montreal in Canadaand has also worked as a professional paint artist for television and theatre productions. She hasreceived the Greek National Award for Illustration for the year 2010.

ISBN: 978-960-219-228-3 • Price: 13,33€ • 21x29 cm. • Pages: 48